GymbaROO Warners Bay Testimonials

I have heard GymbaRoo called an "unfair advantage" and I have to agree. My 5 year old daughter, who is now in kindergarten, attended as a baby, toddler, preschooler and lastly the school readiness classes.

It was fantastic in every aspect. Her development was optimized in all areas. Climbing, swinging, rolling, jumping and balancing on the specially designed equipment circuits and "mat time" - singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and games all amounted to heaps of fun for both of us.

Her intellectual development was stimulated through the sensory and motor skills we learned together and practised at home. She looked forward to it all week and we loved doing her scrapbook together and searching for the "treasure bag" items.

Going to big school was an easy transition. The foundations for learning had been laid and her brain was primed for absorbing. She had also learned the vital skills of listening, waiting patiently, taking turns and sharing. I am positive that the GymbaRoo experience enhanced and encouraged this, and would strongly recommend that all parents and carers of small children consider this same "unfair advantage" for their child.

Donna McMillan - Hamilton South

Being a dad is the most enriching, challenging and amazing experience that has ever happened to me, and my Saturday mornings at GymbaRoo with my two year old twin girls are sacred. Owning my own business means I work 12 hour days and finding quality time for my gorgeous girls is sometimes difficult - but committing to GymbaRoo once a week means our precious time together is optimized.

Far from being a "kindygym" or playgroup, this wonderful program has helped my twins develop skills needed for successful learning on all levels and has given me the opportunity to see how they are progressing. It gives me ideas and enables us to practice and reinforce what we have learnt at home.

GymbaRoo has helped my girls become confident climbers, excellent balancers, develop great co-ordination and ball skills and have high self esteem as it teaches age-appropriate skills that ensure success, as well as throwing in some challenges. It has also taught them to share and wait their turn, which is invaluable being a twin!

The three of us look forward to our special "dad time" at GymbaRoo and it makes me feel confident that I am on the right track to being the best dad that I can possibly be.

Gerard Beiboer - Hamilton

The year that my three year old daughter has been coming to Gymbaroo has helped her gradually to overcome her fear of heights and she is gaining confidence with climbing and balancing.

My natural tendency is to work on her fine motor skills, so GymbaRoo has been a fantastic learning experience for both of us about the importance of gross motor skills for growth and development.

The teachers and assistants are energetic and very friendly and make the time fly by.

Jennifer Buckingham - Mayfield

Gymbaroo has been great for both of my children's development. I have found the class to be more beneficial than 2 days of pre-school per week. The school readiness program has really helped their preparation for kindergarten. The staff are friendly, well trained and sensitive to each child's needs and stages.

Wallsend - Jillian Belan

I started my son Noah when he was 6 months old. I could see the benefits of Gymbaroo even back then. After returning from France in May 2007 he started again at the age of 2 yrs. I continue to see the benefits with his reading, counting, co-ordination, learning and reciting songs etc. And so much more. He has just asked me "When do I see Beth and Leeane, Maman?" He can't wait to go back in Term 1. What better recommendation can you ask for?

Krishna Lawrence - Stockton

I love playing with the balls, balloons, bubbles and hoops. Finding words and learning how to read is also heaps of fun. I like colouring in my workbook and bringing my toys in for treasure bag.

Narveen (4yrs) - Fletcher

I have been coming to Gymbaroo with my daughter Charlotte (nearly 2) for about 18 months now. In that time her development has come along in leaps and bounds. I recommend Gymbaroo to all of my family and friends.

Natasha Andrei - Maryland

Our 4 year old daughter, Sophie, loves Saturday morning because it means Gymbaroo day. She loves doing all the activities and we love the mental stimulation it gives her. It is a great mix of physical activities, story-telling, learning new things and having fun too.

Rex - Medowie

I like Gymbaroo because it is lots of fun especially the obstacle course and the parachute at the end - that's my favourite bit!

Roshan (5yrs) - Fletcher